August 13, 2015

Italian Salami

World class quality. No MSG, Gluten, Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free.
Genoa Salami: An authentic Italian style salami prepared from fresh, hand trimmed pork and all natural regional spice and seasoning blends, then fully cooked in the old world tradition.

Hard Salami: Prepared from fine, ground lean pork and beef with natural seasonings…then dry cured to offer an authentic, smoky flavor.

Prosciutto: A skinless, Parma style dry cured ham that is prepared in the USA. Following the Italian tradition, it is hand rubbed and allowed to cure and aged for up to 12 months.

Slicing Pepperoni: Prepared ham, hand-trimmed pork and beef combine with natural seasonings to create our delicious slicing Pepperoni. It is dry cured to add an authentic Italian flavor.

Mortadella: Dietz & Watson’s traditional Italian bologna prepared from hand-trimmed pork that is combined with authentic spices and seasonings, then oven roasted for 24 hours to offer a subtle, aromatic flavor for a delicious sandwich or addition to an antipasto.

Sopressata: 100% pork, spices, peppercorns and white wine giving its bold and hearty flavor.

Italian Chubs & On-The-Go Varieties:

ImageMeat TypeSizesDescription
Hard Salame Chub Hard Salame Chub 7oz.
Hot Zesty Salame ChubHot Zesty Salame Chub7 oz.
hard salamiSalame Chub7 oz.
Baby Genoa ChubBaby Genoa Chub7oz.
Cacciatore ChubCacciatore Chub7oz.
Abruzzese ChubAbruzzese Chub7oz.
ImagePepperoni on the Go2oz.
Pepperoni Twin StickPepperoni Twin Stick10 oz.
Pepperoni on the GoPepperoni Pillow Pack6 oz.