August 17, 2015

Franks & Sausages

For over 70 years Dietz & Watson Award Winning Franks & Sausages have been the delicious centerpiece of many a family gatherings, holiday barbecues and happy childhoods. Experience Franks and Sausages prepared in the old-world tradition of hand-trimmed meats combined with natural seasonings, no fillers, extenders, artificial colors or MSG. Our Franks and Sausages are smoked to perfection and offer a delicious explosion of flavor each time you take a bite.


Skinless Franks:

All Dietz and Watson’s skinless franks are hand trimmed and combined with natural seasons then slow smoked for the delicious flavor Dietz and Watson is famous for.

Deli Franks:

deli franks Beef and Pork.





Beef Franks:

deli beef franks

100% Beef with a dash of paprika and a hint of garlic.




Black Angus Beef Franks:

Black Angus Beef Franks

Black Angus Beef with a dash of paprika and a hint of garlic.




Gourmet Lite Beef Franks:

Gourmet Lite Beef Franks

97% less fat and lower sodium than our Deli Beef Franks.





Footlong Beef Franks:

Footlong Beef Franks

Same Deli Beef franks but in a footlong flavor.




Super Franks:

Super Franks

Same beef and pork franks just supersized.





Jalapeno and Cheese Franks:

Jalapeno and Cheese Franks

Same Deli franks with the addition of Genuine New York Cheddar Cheese and the fire of Jalapeno Peppers.





Franks and Sausages:

All Dietz and Watson’s natural casing franks and sausages are prepared from hand trimmed beef and pork that is combined with authentic natural seasonings, hand trimmed in natural sheep casings, then slowly smoked for the taste of the old world. Bite one…enjoy just the perfect blend of spices and experience the “Knack” that only comes from a true German-style franks and sausages.

Black Forest Bratwurst:

Black Forest Bratwurst

Prepared from coarsely ground fresh pork and combined with natural seasonings, then hand linked in natural casing. It is fully cooked and slowly smoked. Dietz and Watson’s Bratwurst is an authentic German style uncured “Wieswurst” and contains no nitrates or nitrites.



Black Forest Hungarian Bratwurst:

Hungarian Bratwurst

Prepared from coarsely ground fresh pork in our authentic old-world family recipe consisting of natural seasonings, just the right touch of paprika, and onion and garlic for a kicked-up flavor; then hand linked in a natural casing, fully cooked and slowly smoked for a true taste of the Black Forest.



Black Forest Knockwurst:

Black Forest Knockwurst

An Old-World natural casing sausage favorite prepared from a combination of hand trimmed beef and pork that is made of natural spices and a perfect touch of garlic and onion.






Prepared from fresh pork, all natural seasonings and Genuine New York State Cheddar Cheese. Packed in natural casings, fully cooked and smoked.





LandjaegerA traditional German style, mildly seasoned, naturally smoked and dry cured beef and pork sausage. It has become a favorite low fat, high protein energy snack of hunters, hikers and campers.




New York Brand Natural Casing Frank:

New York Brand Natural Casing Frank

Same Beef Frank with a touch of Coney Island flavor.



Polska Kielbasa:

Polska Kielbasa

A coarsely ground, authentic Polish style beef and pork sausage that is prepared with natural seasonings and a perfect touch of paprika and garlic, then fully cooked and smoked.




Ring Bologna:

Ring Bologna

A classic Euro style sausage prepared from course ground pork and beef combined with natural seasonings, then fully cooked and slow smoked for a uniquely delicious taste and character.




Smoked Hot Sausage:

Smoked Hot Sausage

Prepared from fresh hand trimmed beef combined with natural seasonings and red pepper, they are fully cooked and slow smoked to offer a tasty, hot sausage flavor.




Chicken Sausages

New from Dietz & Watson is a line of seven bold All Natural Chicken Sausage varieties that offer something to please just about every plate. Made from fresh, never frozen chicken and using old-world family recipes prepared in small batches, these fully cooked sausages contain no fillers, extenders or MSG and are certified Gluten Free by the Celiac Sprue Association.

Italian Chicken Sausage:

Italian Chicken Sausage

Made with Traditional Italian seasoning.




Andouille Chicken Sausage:

Andouille Chicken Sausage

Made with Authentic Cajun Seasoning.



Octoberfest Chicken Sausage:

 Octoberfest Chicken Sausage

Made with the same Black Forest Brauhaus Bratwurst Recipe.




Jerk Chicken Sausage:

Jerk Chicken Sausage

Made with Classic Jamaican seasonings and spices.



Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage:

Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage

Made with Genuine Buffalo sauce.




Asiago & Spinach Chicken Sausage:

Asiago & Spinach Chicken Sausage

Made with red and green peppers, onions, and a touch of fennel and rosemary.




Tomatillo Salsa Chicken Sausage:

Tomatillo Salsa Chicken Sausage

Made with real Tomatillo Salsa.