August 7, 2015

Deli Pre Sliced Meats

ImageMeat TypeSizesDescription
Southern Fried ChickenCHICKEN ~ SOUTHERN FRIED10/7 oz.Real fried chicken flavor
black forest turkey slicedBLACK FOREST HAM10/7 oz.Slightly smoky ham that is a Healthier Lifestyle variety
Cooked Ham SlicedCOOKED HAM10/7 oz.Premium deli ham for over 70 years
virginia hamVIRGINIA BRAND BAKED HAM10/7 oz.Southern style ham with a slightly smoky and sweet taste
HOMESTYLE ROAST BEEFHOMESTYLE ROAST BEEF10/7 oz.Oven roasted – naturally seasoned beef
HONEY BAKED TURKEYHONEY BAKED TURKEY10/7 oz.Honey sweetened Turkey breast that is a Healthier Lifestyle variety
BLACK FOREST TURKEYBLACK FOREST TURKEY10/7 oz.Old world inspired turkey breast with a slightly smoky flavor
HONEY BAKED TURKEYGOLDEN BROWN TURKEY10/7 oz.Browned on pure canola oil with a moist turkey flavor
beef bolognaBEEF BOLOGNA10/7 oz.Traditional Beef Bologna




ImageMeat TypeSizesDescription
GENOA SALAMIGENOA SALAMI12/3 oz.Traditional italian flavor in bite size rounds
GENOA SALAMIGENOA SALAMI10/7 oz.Traditional Italian flavor
PROSCUITTOPROSCUITTO12/3 oz.An authentic Italian Brand Style Ham. Prepared in the USA. The ham is hand rubbed and allowed to dry cure and age for up to 4 months to offer a unique ham taste.
HOT CAPOCOLLAHOT CAPOCOLLA12/3 oz.Hot and spicy Italian red pepper ham
SWEET CAPOCOLLASWEET CAPOCOLLA12/3 oz.Dry – sweet Italian style ham
SOPRESSATASOPRESSATA12/3 oz.An authentic Italian salami. Prepared from hand-trimmed pork that is combined with natural seasonings and a hint of white wine. Our Sopressata is allowed to cure for an extended period of time to offer a rich reddish color and a bold – hearty flavor.