August 17, 2015

Chicken Sausages

Chicken Sausages

New from Dietz & Watson is a line of seven bold All Natural Chicken Sausage varieties that offer something to please just about every plate. Made from fresh, never frozen chicken and using old-world family recipes prepared in small batches, these fully cooked sausages contain no fillers, extenders or MSG and are certified Gluten Free by the Celiac Sprue Association.

Italian Chicken Sausage:

Italian Chicken Sausage

Made with Traditional Italian seasoning.




Andouille Chicken Sausage:

Andouille Chicken Sausage

Made with Authentic Cajun Seasoning.



Octoberfest Chicken Sausage:

 Octoberfest Chicken Sausage

Made with the same Black Forest Brauhaus Bratwurst Recipe.



Jerk Chicken Sausage:

Jerk Chicken Sausage

Made with Classic Jamaican seasonings and spices.



Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage:

Buffalo Style Chicken Sausage

Made with Genuine Buffalo sauce.



Asiago & Spinach Chicken Sausage:

Asiago & Spinach Chicken Sausage

Made with red and green peppers, onions, and a touch of fennel and rosemary.




Tomatillo Salsa Chicken Sausage:

Tomatillo Salsa Chicken Sausage

Made with real Tomatillo Salsa.