All Hams are hand trimmed and hand packed for better consistency and quality.

  • Free of cereals, fillers, binders, carrageenan
  • No MSG
  • Prepared from top or bottom rounds and never mixed.

Black Forest Ham:

black forest hamSlow Cured and deep smoked with natural juices. Low sodium, low fat and part of the Healthier Lifestyles variety.






Black Forest Honey Cured Ham:

Black Forest Honey Cured HamA hickory smoked Black Forest Ham laced with honey.






Capocolla Hot Ham:

Hot Ham Capocolla

Italian favorite. Hand selected, spiced and slow cured.





Imported Tavern Ham:

Imported Tavern HamSlow cured and cooked to perfection.






Imported Cooked Ham:

Tavern Ham

Slow cured. 98% fat free.








Maple Glazed Smoked Ham:

Maple Glazed Smoked HamSlow cured with natural maple syrup and sweet maple glaze.






Virginia Baked Ham:

 Virginia Baked Ham

Slow cured, hickory smoked and glazed.





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