Deli Pre Sliced Meats


Image Meat Type Sizes Description
Southern Fried Chicken CHICKEN ~ SOUTHERN FRIED 10/7 oz. Real fried chicken flavor
black forest turkey sliced BLACK FOREST HAM 10/7 oz. Slightly smoky ham that is a Healthier Lifestyle variety
Cooked Ham Sliced COOKED HAM 10/7 oz. Premium deli ham for over 70 years
virginia ham VIRGINIA BRAND BAKED HAM 10/7 oz. Southern style ham with a slightly smoky and sweet taste
SPICY BEEF PASTRAMI SPICY BEEF PASTRAMI 10/7 oz. Traditional New York Flavor
HOMESTYLE ROAST BEEF HOMESTYLE ROAST BEEF 10/7 oz. Oven roasted – naturally seasoned beef
HONEY BAKED TURKEY HONEY BAKED TURKEY 10/7 oz. Honey sweetened Turkey breast that is a Healthier Lifestyle variety
BLACK FOREST TURKEY BLACK FOREST TURKEY 10/7 oz. Old world inspired turkey breast with a slightly smoky flavor
HONEY BAKED TURKEY GOLDEN BROWN TURKEY 10/7 oz. Browned on pure canola oil with a moist turkey flavor
beef bologna BEEF BOLOGNA 10/7 oz. Traditional Beef Bologna




Image Meat Type Sizes Description
GENOA SALAMI GENOA SALAMI 12/3 oz. Traditional italian flavor in bite size rounds
GENOA SALAMI GENOA SALAMI 10/7 oz. Traditional Italian flavor
PROSCUITTO PROSCUITTO 12/3 oz. An authentic Italian Brand Style Ham. Prepared in the USA. The ham is hand rubbed and allowed to dry cure and age for up to 4 months to offer a unique ham taste.
HOT CAPOCOLLA HOT CAPOCOLLA 12/3 oz. Hot and spicy Italian red pepper ham
SWEET CAPOCOLLA SWEET CAPOCOLLA 12/3 oz. Dry – sweet Italian style ham
SOPRESSATA SOPRESSATA 12/3 oz. An authentic Italian salami. Prepared from hand-trimmed pork that is combined with natural seasonings and a hint of white wine. Our Sopressata is allowed to cure for an extended period of time to offer a rich reddish color and a bold – hearty flavor.

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